7 Things We Learned From Flume’s Surprise Reddit AMA


There’s no doubt that Flume season is in full swing. We were already treated to the amazing Hi This is Flume Mixtape, a separate, brand new track with Reo Cragun, and now we get to dive deeper into the mind of Flume with surprise AMA he did on Reddit.

Here are some of the most interesting things we learned from the Q&A session:

We can expect regular releases from him again.

The beloved Aussie beatsmith was no doubt feeling the pressure after such intense success at such a young age. After touring nonstop and finishing up Skin, Flume needed some Harley time. In response to a question, he states that he doesn’t “want to disappear for so long again.” Amazing news for us diehards.

His favorite song off of Hi This Is Flume is “Amber.”

The entire mixtape is just bursting with sound design, but “Amber” still happens to be a clear standout for us. Turns out it’s Flume’s favorite as well. “Making some of those sounds felt like such a breakthrough,” he mentions.

He considers Hi This Is Flume a return to his roots.

When asked about the decision to go in an experimental route with the mixtape, he responded with this: “I felt like I needed to. I was doing interview after interview, it stopped being fun. This is me going back to my roots.”

He’s interested in collaborating with Travis Scott.

In a concise answer, Flume stated that he “would be down” to work with Travis. We can only imagine the trippy bangers that those two would cook up.

His current dream collab is with Bjork collaborator Arca.

The Venezuelan artist Arca could be described as someone who turns music into poetry. Similar things could be said about Flume, especially with this most recent project. This collaboration would surely be legendary.

His current favorite artist to work with is JPEGMAFIA.

Both Flume and JPEG are both amazing creatives, and Flume says that they both get excited about the mistakes they make when in the studio. It makes us think how much of the sounds on Hi This Is Flume are happy accidents…

Hey may have a tattoo on his butt.

Perhaps the most important question in the AMA. When grilled on it, he replied only with “ZOR,” which is not a confirmation, but he’s certainly not denying it.

If you want more, check out the full AMA right here.