A$AP Rocky Performs In Sweden Inside Of A Cage After Controversial Assault Case

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One of this Summer’s top stories was A$AP Rocky’s legal battle in Sweden.  After an altercation between A$AP and his crew, and two pursuing men, A$AP was arrested and held in Swedish jail for 3 weeks.  This made headlines the world over, even prompting Donald Trump to get involved.  While it seemed everybody and their brother was pulling for A$AP, the rapper was found guilty of assault, but no prison time was issued and he was soon back to his famously fantastic performing. 

Well now the story has come full circle as a video of A$AP Rocky’s first performance back in Sweden has emerged and it offers a hilariously fulfilling ending to this saga.  The video shows him performing from inside of a cage, obviously in reference to his summer incarceration.  These kinds of antics have made A$AP a legendary performer and we’re happy he’s able to use the humbling experience for high quality performance material. This comes after his request to donate to and perform for a Swedish prison was denied.  Check out the video below.


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