Baauer Drops Two More Massive Tracks “AETHER” & “YEHOO” From New Album


Baauer is getting ready to drop his first album since 2016’s Aa, and so far it’s sounding LARGE. We were already been treated to the thundering title track release last month, and today we get another taste with the drop of “AETHER” and its b-side, “YEHOO.”

The monstrous energy Baauer is able to conjure up and put behind these tracks is simply jaw-dropping. The trap-pioneer was always able to muster up some heavy drops, but these are simply next level. While Aa had its moments with “Gogo” and “Temple,” Planet’s Mad is shaping up to be a walloping artistic statement from Baauer.

Just like last time, this release comes alongside a ridiculous, out-of-this-world animated video.

Check out these two new ones off Baauer’s Planet’s Mad below.