BICEP Release Massive New Rave Tune “Meli (II)”


Belfast-born, London-based duo BICEP just delivered a humongous new track titled “Meli (II).” It’s their first piece of new music since the deluxe release of their most recent album Isles.

The previous version of this track existed as one of the three bonus tracks of Isles (Deluxe). There was one stark difference, though. “Meli (I),” had no drums. BICEP worked tirelessly in the studio to try and find the right rhythm for it, but by the time the track was due, they decided to just strip it. During their time on the road performing the album, however, they managed to figure out just what it needed:

There were many failed demo versions whilst we were working on ‘Isles’, it just never felt like it worked. We always knew there was room for this version though, hence naming the original “Meli (I)”. “Meli (II)” was formed slowly on the road. Each week we changed the drums a bit, the structure and generally allowed the crowd to inform the process. It was great to grow the track in this way, it felt like a very organic way of working.

Along with this new single, BICEP also announced their biggest UK show to date: a headlining spot at the great Alexandra Palace in London.

You can listen to “Meli (II)” from BICEP below. It’s out now via Ninja Tune. Enjoy!

BICEP – Meli (II)