Foreign Family Collective Revisits Big Wild’s “Aftergold” With Celebratory Release

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It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Big Wild dropped his sensational track “Aftergold.” Since its release, “Aftergold” has certainly proved its prominence as Big Wild’s most popular track, garnering 41 million streams on Spotify alone. To celebrate the 5-year anniversary, a commemorative EP is being released. Featuring a live performance of the track from Red Rocks and two fresh remixes, the EP promises to celebrate the joyous and legendary track in style.

“Aftergold” was the second ever release on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. The well-loved track has been featured in ads for large-name companies such as Uber, Apple, and GoPro. Both instrumental and vocal versions of the track have enjoyed incredible popularity since its release.

The 5-year anniversary EP features two new remixes from up-and-coming producers obli and Hanz. It additionally features the widely-loved original and an exclusive live version from Red Rocks.

Big Wild said it was “hard to believe “Aftergold” came out 5 years ago. I remember working on this in my bedroom and on the road while I was opening for ODESZA.” He added that it was “amazing to think how much these few minutes of music impacted my life.”

The “Aftergold” anniversary release is a part of Foreign Family Collective’s 5-year anniversary celebration. “Aftergold” remains one of the Collective’s most legendary releases to-date. The commemorative EP is out now, enjoy!

Big Wild – Aftergold (5 Year Anniversary)