Big Wild Releases Stirring New Song “Who Do You Believe”


Big Wild’s monumental sounding new single “Who Do You Believe” is a bit different from the playful electronic tracks we are used to. The new single comments on the political strife and division in the world today, prompting audiences to consider the information that is thrust at them from all angles. The multi-talented Jackson Stell once again demonstrates his ability to capture a moment with this quickly building track composed of frantically arpeggiating synths and a cryptic vocal.

Beginning with a deep diving bassline, Stell’s vocals begin the prompting of “who do you believe?” as oscillating synths envelop the track. As the track crescendoes, those beautiful synths take off and grant the song a much-needed release from all the tension. Along with his most recent track, “Touch,” we are beginning to see some new from Big Wild, with some psychedelic-pop influences coming through, especially in the guitar sounds and vocals.

The video echoes the urgency of the track and magnifies the critical lens through which Stell crafted the song. It’s striking cinematic shots highlight the fear and confusion people experience today and depict a yearning for truth.┬áCheck out the brand new music video below. Enjoy!

Big Wild – Who Do You Believe