INTERVIEW | Big Wild Talks New Track “Touch,” Drive-In Concerts, His Dream Collab & More

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Few artists have spanned the musical spectrum like Big Wild. He’s kept us on our toes throughout his career, with music ranging from the ground breaking electric hit, “Aftergold,” to the incredibly fun breezy vibes of his debut album, Superdream. Today, the Oregon based artist is back with an impassioned new track titled “Touch,” with a message that is all too applicable to our world today.

This latest from Big Wild taps into his indie-pop talents, calling on a punchy bass line, a rolling drum kit, and gracefully chucking guitar to lay down an airy yet driven framework for the rest of this tune.  BW’s glossy vocals then guide us through the unquenchable desire for physical contact from distant loved ones—an excruciatingly familiar feeling for many people in the world today. “Touch” musically and lyrically encapsulates the feelings of separation we are all experiencing at this time, providing us with a much needed sense of connection.

We got to talk to Big Wild about this new release and what it meant for him, drive-in concerts, and much more. Stream Big Wild’s new track “Touch” and check out the interview below. Enjoy!

Big Wild – Touch

Current favorite artists: Buscabulla
Most recent Google search: “How to grow blueberries”
Favorite quarantine pastime: Making music and gardening
Favorite post-set snack: Kombucha and cheese

The timing of this release is pretty perfect. When was it written and what provoked you to write it? 

I wrote this song before COVID-19 and quarantining but it feels quite relevant now. “Touch” was inspired by being away from my partner on the road touring, and that fine edge between desire and desperation. Sometimes desire for connection can turn into a burden on the mind and a fixation. I wanted to capture that feeling and it just so happens that I think we are collectively enduring this mind state in one way or another.

How important do you think human touch is?

Very important. Touch in all its forms, whether physically, emotionally, and mentally, is important. People are social and need connection to feel, to have purpose, and to thrive. In general, we’re currently missing something visceral in our lives with this isolation and I hope we can get it back soon.

It’s been great to see your sound evolve over the years. Have you tried to follow a plan for your music’s progression, or do you allow the music to just evolve as it will?

Thank you! There hasn’t been much of a plan but I’m always trying to learn and explore in music and that has naturally led to a changing sound over time. I let that curious impulse take the wheel and ultimately be my north star on where to go next.

While your sound has evolved, would you say the music you listen to in your free time has changed as well? 

Definitely. When I first started Big Wild I was really into all of the amazing music coming from artists on Soundcloud, which was like a fountain of inspiring music, especially for producers. Today, I would say my tastes are more diverse, and I listen differently as well. As I’ve incorporated more of my own voice and lyrics into my music, I pay more attention to vocals and lyrics in other people’s music. When I begin learning something in my own production, I grow an appreciation for it and seek what I’ve learned in other music.

What do you think about the idea of drive-in concerts? Would you be keen on performing at one?

I think it’s an interesting idea that lies somewhere between live streaming and real life physical concerts. I would definitely be down to perform at one if the idea was well executed and I wouldn’t have to sacrifice things from my show. That’s my thing. Presenting people with the best version of my show and not sacrificing quality.

As you move more into the realm of live band performance and music, is there an artist you’d love to share the stage and jam with?

I would love to play with Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals. They’re so tight and you can tell they have a great time on stage. When a band is enjoying themselves on stage, it’s a beautiful thing to witness and even better to be a part of.

If you could play a set anywhere in the world with no restriction, where would it be?

I would love to play a show in a meadow on Mt. Hood. Or maybe Machu Picchu. Make it one for the books.

Someone passes you the aux at a house party. It’s 2:00am and things are starting to die down. What do you play?

Gooey by Glass Animals. Ultimate sexy/sleepy time/chill vibes.