Borahm Lee is Working on New Music with Pretty Lights

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Borahm Lee revealed in a recent podcast episode that he is working on new music with Pretty Lights. Lee appeared on the show Oh Here We Go, where he was interviewed for 90 minutes about his prolific music career. The conversation touched on him touring with Kanye West, racism in the music industry, headlining Red Rocks, and more.

During the discussion, Lee dropped a rare piece of information. He is indeed creating music with Pretty Lights, who has been on an unofficial hiatus since 2018—when he last performed live. He spoke on this subject when asked what projects he was currently working on. He did add a caveat that the work is “still TBD,” and that it will surface  “hopefully when Pretty Lights comes back around.” He’s also currently working on his debut studio album.

Lee has been sharing snippets of his studio sessions on his Instagram that are sounding amazing. We’re hoping these are pieces of his upcoming album.

Pretty Lights was last publicly spotted with Borahm when he virtually showed up at a Break Science show during the pandemic to jam out over a live stream.

You can check out the full interview below. The video will start playing when he mentions Pretty Lights, but the whole episode is super interesting. Enjoy!