Watch Pretty Lights Appear During Break Science Show & Play 2 Live Tracks

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It seems as though every few weeks we get a new teaser that Pretty Lights may return. This past weekend, the man himself made his first live appearance since August 2018, during a Break Science concert in South Carolina.

Near the end of the hour long set, Pretty Lights (with a full beard now), popped up on the LED screen behind Break Science, streaming live from his studio in New Orleans. PL then proceeded to virtually jam with the duo, playing “Shining Bright Despite The Plight” and “High School Art Class.” This was super unexpected, considering PL hasn’t performed in over two years.

Just about a month ago, PL wiped his Instagram and also appeared in Alvin Ford Jr.’s Instagram story, seemingly testing out some new music.¬†We’re hoping it’s not too long now before we get some new original Pretty Lights music.

You can watch a recording of the full Break Science show here. Pretty Lights shows up right around the 46 minute mark. Enjoy!