Cashmere Cat Unveils Stunning 7-Track Concept Album ‘PRINCESS CATGIRL’

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Cashmere Cat’s PRINCESS CATGIRL project has arrived. The enigmatic TSIS favorite has been rolling out this concept album over the past month, and each glimpse into the idea piqued our interest more and more. Today we get to hear and see the full story of PRINCESS CATGIRL, and it’s sounding awesome. 

Everything about this project is wholesome and fun. Not only did Cashy create an entire character to be the face of his music, but he also experiments with some left-field sound design that draws influence from hip-hop, R&B, his own signature style. We were already sold on the singles “EMOTIONS” and “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY,” and these five brand new ones are just as good if not better. 

Sonically, this album feels tastefully all over the place. There’s so much going on, but everything is organized masterfully by Cashmere Cat. Just ingesting all of these sounds are an experience on its own. 

Listen to the brand new album below and enjoy!