Cercle To Host Kölsch at 11th Century Mountaintop Castle in Cyprus

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We’re always patiently waiting to see what Cercle comes up with next. The French YouTube channel has been dazzling us with spectacular livestream performances for years now, and today they’ve announced their next show. Next Monday, May 31, Cercle will be hosting melodic house and techno artist Kölsch at the historic mountaintop castle of Saint Hilarion, located in Northern Cyrpus.

Cercle appears to be keeping the theme of castles going, as their previous event was held the famous french landmark, Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey.

This will be Kölsch’s second DJ set for Cercle. He was first invited to play atop the Eiffel Tower (to no crowd), back when the channel was still getting it’s feet off the ground.

Be sure to tune in to catch Kölsch play at this magnificent and historic location. They’ll be going live at 9:00am PT, next Monday morning.

Next Monday 31st of May we will have the pleasure to receive @kolschofficial for an amazing show in the splendid Saint Hilarion castle, North Cyprus.

The live will be available on Facebook, Twitch and Oculus!

Thanks to @Tika_Turkey, @NCyprusTourism & Cyprus Paradise <3 pic.twitter.com/1mMEUARa2q

— Cercle (@CercleMusic) May 25, 2021