Enter The Mesmerizing World Of CharlesTheFirst’s Psychedelic Sophomore Album ‘SOLUS’


From the moment we discovered the experimental music of CharlesTheFirst, we were totally riveted. No different was our first step into the producer’s exceptional sophomore album SOLUS. Real name Charles Ingalls, the Tahoe native finds deep inspiration from nature, and has found a way to channel the harmonies of the natural world into his unique brand of experimental bass.

Every element of Charles’ production style are next level; the psychedelic glitches, thumping bass, intricately beautiful melodies, and organic field recordings. His music elicits a feeling unlike any other, and this latest album offers an even more personally charged narrative from the young producer as he continues to evolve and master his craft.

Like much of CTF’s music before, the 13-track SOLUS blends vivid, calming ambiences with heavy bass hits that plunge and wobble dynamically, resulting in a psychedelic sound like no other. Each composition on the album feels distinct, yet blend beautifully from one to the next. Lush synths twinkle atop breathing bass on tracks like “To Depart, To Seek” and “Prophecy,” building up to heavier tracks later in the album such as “Hopeful,” and a nasty collaboration with kLL sMTH, “The Undoing.” CTF also teamed with fellow bass innovator Tsuruda for an awesome track “Hang In There.” Ingalls also shares his own lyrics and vocals on tracks “Figured U Out” and “For Now,” allowing listeners some insight into the mind of the enigmatic producer.

We definitely recommend settling into a continuous stream of this album with headphones to best experience all the subtle touches and intricate sound design that make CharlesTheFirst’s music so alluring. His inimitable style has captivated the minds of listeners and inspired other producers on this wave of experimental bass music. Listen to the album in the stream below. Enjoy!

CharlesTheFirst – SOLUS