Clozee Composes Beautiful Downtempo Single “Falling In Love”


Worldly bass producer, Clozee, has been a prominent figure in the electronic music community for quite some time now. She’s been having a hell of a year with her midtempo collab with Maddy O’Neal “Zest Please” and her mind-melting remix of Inzo’s “Overthinker”. She took to Twitter earlier this week announcing a new EP and has released her next single which is a downtempo gem titled “Falling In Love.”

The track features all of Clozee’s signature sounds like beautiful melodies and strings, punching drums, and angelic vocals. “Falling In Love” builds and builds into a penultimate orchestral number as she guides listeners along through an enchanted realm.

The single is off her upcoming Nouville Era EP set to release later this year. Stream the track below and enjoy!

Clozee – Falling In Love