Daft Punk Release Highly-Anticipated 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Random Access Memories’

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Daft Punk aren’t known for doing things small. The somewhat mythical producers have been slowly unveiling their 10th Anniversary release of Random Access Memories for the past few months. Along the way, they’ve released some unreleased versions and outtakes and even stirred up the internet when they quietly included coordinates in their Spotify tracks. We’ve been eagerly awaiting today as the French duo have finally unveiled their 10th Anniversary edition of Random Access Memories.

As promised, the anniversary edition includes nine previously unreleased tracks from the recording of Random Access Memories. Among the tracks are two versions of “Horizon,” a cinematic-like orchestral number, one of which was only included in Japanese versions of the album. Other additions include a new track demo with Julian Casablancas, a sci-fi leaning synth ballad titled “Prime,” and an extended epilogue version of “Touch.”

Despite the unusual format, it’s incredibly refreshing to experience the first new/unheard Daft Punk music in ten long years. We can’t help but admit mixed feelings as we all know the duo’s decision to split up after 28 years but for now we’ll just try to soak it all in and appreciate the beauty that was Daft Punk. Stream the album below and enjoy!

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition)

Daft Punk – Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)(Official Video)