Damian Lazarus Announces First New Album In 10 Years, Drops New Single


Anyone who’s familiar with the house and techno scene knows that Damian Lazarus is one of the most pivotal figures of the modern era. Whether it’s through his own music, his immaculate DJ sets, or his famously wild parties, the man knows exactly what he’s doing. Damian plays over 150 shows a year, so it’s not surprising that it’s been over a decade since the release of his last full-length album, Smoke The Monster Out. We now know for sure, however, that he’s got another one on the way.

The next Damian Lazarus album will be called Flourish, and today he’s dropped the first single, “Mountain.” Damian has always had a very earthly, psychedelic sound to his music, and he continues that trend with this new single, but branches our with a loose breakbeat rhythm that may invoke some of your wildest dance moves. The meditative vocals in the track may awaken something in you as well.

Check out the new single, “Mountain,” below and stay tuned for what should be an awesome album rollout for Damian. “Mountain” comes alongside a remixes from Tornado Wallace and Tibi Dabo. Enjoy!

Damian Lazarus – Mountain