Dillon Francis Completes ‘Magic Is Real Pt. 1’ with Rework of “Not Butter” and Huge New Original


Dillon Francis has added onto the two releases he had already given us in the last month with two more: “Bomboclat (Light it Up)” featuring Bunji Garlin and his own rework of crowd favorite from Money Sucks Friends Rule, “Not Butter,” called “Still Not Butter.” As you’d expect from the name, “Bomboclat (Light it Up)” definitely has some dancehall/reggaeton flare, but it also packs the biggest, bass-filled drop we’ve heard from Dillon in a while. “Still Not Butter” is a darker spin on the original, in which the DJ-comedian chops up the drop, increases the tempo, and plays with the pitch.

With the drop of these two new tracks, we now have the completed Part 1 of Magic is Real. Dillon had already announced the full mixtape would be released November 15th, but he’s made sure to keep us satisfied until then. This release is a return to what I think of as Dillon Francis’s trademark sound: huge bass, unruly drops, and the sublime combination of moombahton/trap/dubstep all wrapped into one. Enjoy!

Dillon Francis – Magic Is Real Pt. 1