Disclosure Drop Perfect 1-Hour Mix for DJ-Kicks, New Song “Deep Sea”

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As a DJ, one of the biggest milestones you can reach in your career is being tapped for a DJ-Kicks mix. It’s one of the most prolific mix series in electronic music, and the latest to deliver a mix is none other than the brotherly English duo, Disclosure.

The mix is an hour’s worth of funky, spacey, and deep house music with a bit of disco and UK garage sprinkled in. Guy and Howard have always delivered near perfection for DJ sets, and this DJ-Kicks compilation is no different. You won’t find a second of hesitation in this mix. These two bounce back and forth between bubbly, euphoric sounds and dancefloor torchers.

Along with this new mix, Disclosure have also released a new track, “Deep Sea.”

You can stream the new song “Deep Sea” from Disclosure below. You can also check out their full mix for DJ-Kicks. Enjoy!

Disclosure – Deep Sea

Disclosure – DJ-Kicks