DJ Seinfeld Shares Euphoric New Trance Single “Lost Island”


DJ Seinfeld is back after delivering one of our favorite albums of 2021. Today he returns with his first new single since the project, “Lost Island.”

As you can see from the artwork, this new tune is still part of the Mirrors era for DJ Seinfeld. He created it at the start of the year for his live shows where he was performing the album. “Lost Island” is as energetic as a DJ Seinfeld tune gets, with a trancey bassline, euphoric synths, and transcendental vocalizations that have us envisioning a happy, sweaty dancefloor.

Speaking on the new track in a press release, DJ Seinfeld said he “wanted to make something familiar and euphoric to contrast what is, in general, quite a mellow record.” It “almost feels like a forgotten ‘grand finale’ of the album,” he continues.

You can listen to “Lost Island” below. Enjoy!

DJ Seinfeld – Lost Island