DJ Seinfeld’s New Album ‘Mirrors’ Marks A Mature, Focused New Direction

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Armand Jakobsson, aka DJ Seinfeld, has separated himself from the pack by making beats guided by an idea of authenticity, true to the spirit of the early house pioneers. Earlier this year, we featured his equally optimistic and melancholic single, “U Already Know,” which we’ve had on repeat all summer long. Without further ado, we present to you DJ Seinfeld’s newest album, Mirrors, out now via Ninja Tune.

If much of DJ Seinfeld’s previous work was characterized by a sepia-tinged haze, a result of the producer’s deliberately lo-fi production techniques, then Mirrors sees his music come firmly into focus. Recorded between Berlin and Malmo, the album finds DJ Seinfeld in a more settled and grounded mood after an unfortunate family incident forced him to spend more time at home in his native Sweden over the past few years.

Here’s what DJ Seinfeld had to say about the album:

“On this album I wanted to retain a lot of the raw emotionality that brought people to my music in the first place. But I also wanted to become a much better producer. It’s been an arduous process but it’s a real testament of where I’m at as a producer and person right now.”

Stream the project below and enjoy!

DJ Seinfeld – Mirrors