Watch Footage from DJ Snake’s History-Making 63,000 Person Concert in Paris


DJ Snake has already made it as a festival-headlining act in the United States. In his home country of France, though—particularly the city of Paris—his star power is cranked up to 11.

This past weekend, DJ Snake made history when he sold out the Parc des Princes, a 63,000-capacity stadium home to Paris’s elite soccer team, PSG. That was the first time the Parc des Princes hosted a concert since Green Day did so over a decade ago in 2010. Other artists to perform in the stadium include Michael Jackson and Prince. DJ Snake is the first-ever electronic act to perform there.

And not only did he perform at the legendary venue, but he also sold it out. DJ Snake is very outward about his love for both soccer and PSG, and even previously announced a collaboration between Pardon My French and the soccer club. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer, however, to find out what exactly that collab might be.

To understand the full gravity of DJ Snake’s performance, you have to check out the footage his fans uploaded to YouTube and social media in the days following the event. You can check out the best ones we found below. Enjoy!