Denver’s DMVU Crafts Intricate Soundscapes On New LP ‘Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple’


Denver innovator DMVU has captured our imaginations with his latest project, Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple. The album comes alive with lush sound design, intricate percussion, atmospheric ambience, and a wide range of instrumentation. The producer has demonstrated versatility across his career, between heavy, bass-centric projects and downtempo, contemplative works. His latest effort is a truly captivating journey through sound, one that fosters an engrossing, meditative headspace for listeners.

The album is expansive across its 15 tracks, spanning from the calm, uplifting sounds of tracks like “Words Like Ghosts” and “The Sun And The Shadow” to more robust and psychedelic creations like “Inside My Dreams I Dream” and “My Foolish Heart.” We were impressed with “Moon Mask,” one of the tracks on the album that incorporates unique sampling from radio shows of the ’40s and ’50s along with layers of trippy synth work. DMVU does a great job of cohesively bringing together vibrant synth sounds with a dynamic, sturdy low end.

It’s difficult to capture the essence of this album because it is so complex and contains such an expansive range of sounds and feelings. It’s certainly a deeply absorbing project that invites listeners to thoughtfully reflect on some of DMVU’s most intricate and enchanting sounds yet. Listen to the album in the stream below. Enjoy!

DMVU – Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple