Dreamers Delight Transcends Genre & Self on New EP ‘Departure’

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Dreamers Delight has become one of our favorite producers to come out of Denver in recent years. His music is sonically its own, delivering an experience that is consistently enjoyable and unique. While premiering his track, “Emperor,” in March, we learned his new project, Departure, stemmed from a place of profound trial and self-growth. These ingredients often create some of the most immersive works, and Departure’s official release proves just that.

The synth work: is alluring. The sound design is otherworldly. The unspoken emotion is breathtaking. “Evolution” conveys the weight of self-honesty and reflection, “Silver Flow” gleams with confident renewal, and “See You” concludes the experience with an aura of forgiveness and permission to be whole once more. These tracks and more await any listener who wishes to join Dreamers’ reconciling of self. Just push play.

Stream Dreamers Delight’s new EP, Departure, below. Enjoy!

Dreamers Delight – Departure