DROELOE Displays Fear & Perseverance On Unconventional New Single “Open Blinds”

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Our favorite Dutch duo DROELOE has returned with another incredible new single. Following the success of their track “I CAN’T WAIT“, the pair have expanded their horizons yet again with an unconventional yet truly on-brand new track “Open Blinds“.

Vince & Hein have always had a knack for channeling deep emotion and meaning into their music – and this latest offering is no exception. Touching on concepts of self doubt, losing the innocence of youth and feeling the overwhelming pressure, “Open Blinds” could not have offered up a better 2020 life summary.

“Open Blind” is about the pressure that life naturally has (especially in the morning) and how a fear of not being productive enough or a feeling of not spending your time right, will all, but be solved by basking in those emotions. This track is a continuation of “The Choices We Face” and serves as a form of affirmation to choose to spend my time with what feels right without worrying too much about what could have been. -Vincent Rogers (1/2 of DROELOE)

Packed with the whimsical instrumentation, unexpected sound pairings and non-traditional percussion we’ve come to love from DROELOE, we’re hoping there’s more where this came from. Stream “Open Blinds” out now via our friends at bitbird below and enjoy!

DROELOE – Open Blinds