Earl Sweatshirt Returns With Surprise, 7-Track Album ‘FEET OF CLAY’

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Well this is definitely a surprise. Considering Earl Sweatshirt came off a 3.5 year hiatus in 2018 to drop his long-awaited album Some Rap Songstoday, almost exactly a year later, the heavyweight rapper has dropped another fresh new album FEET OF CLAY.

In true Earl character, this latest offering is very different. Featuring a slew of wonky, boom-bap beats all culminating in songs reaching just under the two-minute mark (except for collabs with Mavi & Mach-Hommy), Earl brings back his dark, brooding style in full force. And although the LP in total only weighs in at seven tracks which only run 15-minutes, it’s always a good day when we get new music from the elusive Earl Sweatshirt. Check out the new album below and enjoy!

Earl Sweatshirt – FEET OF CLAY