Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist Drop Impromptu Album ‘Voir Dire’

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Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist have just teamed up for an impromptu album release. Earl Sweatshirt is notorious for dropping projects on a whim, most notably surprising the world with his Some Rap Songs album after a 3.5 year hiatus. Now, he’s linked up with the legendary producer The Alchemist on their newest album Voir Dire.

In true Earl character, this latest offering is very different. Voir Dire finds the creative artist taking a more introspective and avant-garde approach than usual. His style, almost poetic, leaves plenty of room for interpretation as it’s filled with metaphors and obscure references. The Alchemist’s beats also lean heavily on jazz-centric, sample-forward ideologies, allowing plenty of room for Earl’s rhymes.

Another unusual part of the album release comes with where it’s being streamed. As of now, Voir Dire is only available via Gala Music as what the service calls a digital collectible. You can sign up to listen to the album here. Earl Sweatshirt also released a coinciding music video for “Sentry.” You can watch the video below. Enjoy!

Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist – Sentry (Ft. MIKE)