Emancipator and 9 Theory Release Four-Song Eclectic EP ‘Cheeba Gold’

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Earlier this month, we premiered Emancipator and 9 Theory’s collaborative single “Chameleon”. Today, we have received three additional tracks from the two, making a four-song collaborative EP titled ‘Cheeba Gold’. The three new offerings, “Zula”, “Cuica” and “Bombilla” are as eclectic as one would expect from Emancipator and 9 Theory, making the package a must listen for any experimental downtempo electronic fan.

“Zula” is a dreamy cut that features a really nice guitar breakdown at the 1:47 mark. First time I heard “Cuica” I couldn’t help but to think about some Pretty Lights influence involved, with a heavier hitting hip-hop percussion pattern, glitchy synths and a repeating vocal sample. “Bombilla” is serene with guitars and scattered vocal chops continually progressing; Closes out the EP in a tasteful way. Another great release from the always reliable Emancipator with added help from the quickly rising producer 9 Theory. Enjoy!

Emancipator – Cheeba Gold