Emmit Fenn Puts Forth An Irresistible Dancefloor Jam, “Who Dat”

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Get ready to move. Emmit Fenn has brought out an irresistible new single, “Who Dat,” and it’s arguably one of his catchiest tracks to date. “Who Dat” is the perfect dancefloor jam, fully equipped with a consistent, groovy bass like a moving heartbeat, making it impossible to sit still while listening. The booming low end tune carries electronic elements throughout the song which mimic the pace of a walk down a city street, a concept amplified by the inclusion of samples of crowd noises. The jazzy flares and mysterious high end flutes will capture your attention and make you want to smash the replay button.

Following the release of his last single, “BuDuDuDum,” Emmit Fenn paired the release of “Who Dat” with another extraordinary music video. The video, directed by Patrick Jean, features a pigeon mobbing down the street to the beat of the new track, adding an amusing element to the listening experience. 

When asked about the track, Emmit simply responded with:

I saw a pigeon and made a song about it.

Stream “Who Dat” and the music video below!

Emmit Fenn – Who Dat