Felix Cartal Shares Powerful New 18-Track Album ‘Next Season’

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For quite some time, Felix Cartal has continued to thoroughly impress us with his constantly evolving, chill sound. With a discography spanning nearly a decade, Felix has undoubtedly solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with – and today, after two years of extensive work, his new album Next Season has finally arrived.

While in the past, we’ve looked to Felix for wonky electro-house synths and pulsing basslines as heard on his first two albums Popular Music and Different Faces, this latest offering perfectly exemplifies the unique atmosphere that the Vancouver-based artist has slowly and carefully crafted throughout the years. While included on the album are previously released singles “Faces”, “Worry” and even 2016’s “Drifting Away”, from slow, emotional ballads to lush soundscapes, powerful percussion and captivating vocals, Felix has effortlessly combined the best of both acoustic and electronic production throughout the entirety of this whopping 18-track project. Check out Next Season below and enjoy!

Felix Cartal – Next Season