PREMIERE | Floret Loret & Silva Connect On Icy New Track, ‘Glacier’

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Quality Goods Records is giving us a treat for their fifth installment of the Quality Vibes series. Two of the more forward thinking producers in the underground scene, Floret Loret and Silva, connect on insane tune “Glacier.” The UZ-curated label continues to push out the best in electronic and this song is no different.

“Glacier” begins eerily, utilizing haunting melodies to keep us in suspense. Twinkling keys keep the melodic foreshadowing going until the drums kick in and vibrant, angelic vocal chops take over. Then, the song’s explorative drops take you on a rollercoaster, the sound design oscillating from intense highs to booming lows.

Floret Loret confirms the track should be an experience in itself, saying, “This tune is a fun experiment for people to listen and enjoy the sweet tones and gritty basses.” Silva also gives some insight, voicing it “was super fun to work on, we blended many elements together such as enriched soul vocals andintricate arpeggios to blend into one cohesive and unique sound, which to me sets a really unique mood.”

If you’re not familiar with the artists yet, this song is a perfect introduction to both of the producers’ capabilities. You’re sure to become an immediate fan once you press play. Enjoy!

Floret Loret & Silva – Glacier