Flume Drops Live Versions of Songs from ‘Skin’ & ‘Palaces’

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Flume has taken four tracks from his live sets at The Brooklyn Mirage this year and released them via Amazon Music. The shows originally took place on September 28-30 and were streamed in their entirety on Amazon Music’s Twitch account.

Aside from the Live at Red Rocks version of “Rushing Back” in 2020, Flume has never shared a live release. Now, however, he’s delivered live versions of “ESCAPE,” “Jasper’s Song,” “I Can’t Tell,” from this year’s Palaces, and “Helix” from his previous studio album, Skin, released in 2016.

You can listen to the four live tracks below, out now on Future Classic. Enjoy!

Flume – Amazon Music Live (Brooklyn, NY)