Flume Drops Mesmerizing New Single “Sirens” with Caroline Polachek

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Flume has just released his next single, “Sirens.” This is the second single to come off his upcoming album, Palaces. The rollout for that project started in early February with “Say Nothing.” “Sirens” features the stunning vocals of Caroline Polachek, who was recently tapped to go on tour with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Dua Lipa.

This is the second single in a row that features a departure from what Flume fans are used to. Flume’s music was already a solid step outside the musical box that many artists reside in, but his creativity keeps getting more and more interesting. The production is just entirely next level with the sound design, arrangements, and texture.

Polachek’s vocals offer a unique take as well, with an almost opera-like cadence that ascends alongside Flume’s whirring synths and glitchy percussion.

You can check out “Sirens” below. Enjoy!

Flume – Sirens