Flume Says “More Shows And More Music To Come”


Yesss! Flume just unleashed some absolute fire on us yesterday, but it’s not stopping there. With his near perfect, experimental mixtape Hi This Is Flume boasting some of his wildest production to date dropping yesterday, we’ve been hoping he has more up his sleeve. At the office we were discussing how this left-field mixtape was incredible, but had us wondering… is there a full album on the way?

Flume is no stranger to collaborations and we know for a fact he has quite a few he’s sitting on at the moment. My personal thought is he put his more experimental stuff on this mixtape while he finishes up a bigger project likely with more collaborations and a bit more accessible. This is all speculative of course but it sure seems like there’s a strong possibility of an album coming this year, especially after Flume hinting at more music on his IG below. Enjoy!


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excited to be back, more shows and more music to comeā€¦

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