PREMIERE | Freddy Todd Unleashes Monstrous New ‘FREDCRUMBS’ EP

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For years now Freddy Todd has continued to dominate the low-end spectrum with his bombastic bass-packed bangers. Having kept relatively quiet since his 2019 WRECKULOUS project, today we’re excited to have the pleasure of premiering the powerhouse producer’s deadly new FREDCRUMBS EP.

It’s definitely a good day to be a bass-head! As Freddy Todd has long held the title as one of the most ridiculous sound design masters in the scene – as usual this latest offering is an absolute monstrosity.

Packed with a wealth of is a bountiful mix of groove & grit, FT has offered up a wonky, three-track sonic journey through speaker destruction for all who dare to press play. Stream his FREDCRUMBS EP below and enjoy!

Freddy Todd – FREDCRUMBS | Stream