Fyre Festival Attendees Get $2 Million In Class Action Lawsuit


It’s been four years since the $100 million class action lawsuit has been filed against the Fyre Festival organizers. A settlement has finally been reached, $2 million, which means that each of the 277 attendees involved in the lawsuit will receive a sum of $7,220. The settlement is still awaiting a final vote of approval on May 13, which, depending on Fyre Festival’s bankruptcy case, could change the final sum.

Billy McFarland, one of the co-founders of Fyre Festival, is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for multiple counts of fraud.

The other co-founder, Ja Rule, has avoided prison time. In fact, he’s recently just made some money by selling an oil panting that hung in the Fyre offices as an NFT. The piece sold for $122,000.

H/T Billboard