Gesaffelstein Displays Wild Sound Design On New ‘Novo Sonic System’ EP


Gesaffelstein is a master of sound design and innovation, always bringing something fresh and unique to the music world. From a highly impressive list of collaborations with artists such as Daft Punk, A$AP ROCKY, and Kanye West, this time he’s released a driving and heavy six-track EP Novo Sonic System, a project that finds itself somewhere in a melting pot of techo, electro, drum & bass and rock music.

Contrasting his recent and highly successful collaborations with pop artists, The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams, off of his recent album release Hyperion, Novo Sonic System takes us back to the older styles of Gessaffelstein that arose him to such great heights. The project includes a multitude of different energy levels while keeping a congruent sound throughout, from steady bops on tracks such as “Dance X.” to high energy madness in “Ignio” and “Metalotronics,” as well as an extremely unique break in title track “Novo Sonic System.” This EP is one that keeps you in a hypnotic trance like state as the pulsing basslines resonate throughout your body. You can now listen to this EP below. Enjoy!

Gesaffelstein – Novo Sonic System