Getter Changes it Up Yet Again In Chill Remix of DJ Snake & Bieber


Getter is back and you may be just as surprised as I was that this remix starts with some peaceful wind chimes. While he’s usually known for gritty, jarring, and in-your-face dubstep, Getter has recently been exploring other dimensions and genres during his time in the spotlight. This has occasionally gotten him into hot water with some fans, but he continues to push himself to change and explore new things, which is something you have to admire.

Getter’s remix of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” gives the artist yet another notch in his belt of musical exploration. After an entrancing intro, we hear the slightly slowed, smooth vocals of Bieber (one of the most remixable vocalists in history), all while you can feel something building behind him. It culminates in a head-nodding, downtempo trap drop that gives way to an emotionally-charged symphony of sounds, creating an almost Flume-like vibe. It’s gentle, but you can also feel the power of Getter behind it. It strikes me as an evolved version of some of his early work, like “Beach Cruiser,” but with the added punch we’ve come to expect. Enjoy!

DJ Snake & Justin Bieber – Let Me Love You (Getter Remix)