Gilligan Moss Continues Album Rollout With Transcendent Disco Tune “Special Thing”

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Gilligan Moss has been giving us steady doses of top shelf vibes since this summer’s release of the lighthearted track, “Ultraparadíso.” We’ve been following closely as they’ve steadily released single after single of their upcoming self-titled album, and their latest single is nothing short of a “Special Thing.”

The New York based duo has the energy on lock in this latest single. Pattering bongos, rich keyboard loops, and natural samples lead us into a world just dripping with groove. Dancing shoes are highly recommended for this infectious beat. Gilligan Moss spoke on their inspiration and process saying:

“Special Thing” was written as an ode to our French predecessors – robots and monoliths alike. There’s something deeply hypnotic about a filtered vocal loop and chord progression, but it can sometimes feel like trying to bottle lightning. Simple songs are often the hardest, and in true collaborative fashion it’s a tune that Ben rescued from Evan’s trash pile – we’re glad he did. Grab yourself an ice cold ‘Pfizer and head down to the beach to listen to this one.

We’ve loved every second of this album rollout, and while we’re sad to see it coming to an end, we’re way hype to see the final product. Stream Gilligan Moss’s newest single, “Special Thing,” below. And check back here for the release of their self-titled album on April 9 via Foreign Family Collective. Enjoy!

Gilligan Moss – Special Thing