Glass Animals Release Stripped Back Versions of Three ‘Dreamland’ Tracks


Glass Animals are back at it with some bonus content for their Dreamland album. The band have added some gorgeous, stripped back versions of “Heat Waves,” “Your Love (Déjà Vu),” and “Space Ghost Coast to Coast“. You may remember Dave Bayley’s gorgeous stripped back performance of Heat Waves on the Late Show. These versions showcase the beautiful melodies behind the tracks as well as allowing Bayley’s silky voice and inspired vocals to shine through a bit more. These versions are so good they sound like they could have been on the album.

The band have been hyping up their upcoming virtual live show “Live in The Internet,” which will be streamed on October 15 to fans all around the world. Fans can but tickets to the one-time event that the band have been working hard to make vibrant, engaging, and unique. Find out more about the event on their website, updated with a sweet retro theme, here. You cannot doubt the passion that these English superstars have for the music and their fans, even through tough times.

Check out the three new tracks added to the Dreamland album below. Enjoy!

Glass Animals – Heat Waves (Stripped Back)

Glass Animals – Your Love (Déjà Vu) (Stripped Back)

Glass Animals – Space Ghost Coast to Coast (Stripped Back)