Gorillaz Hint At Unreleased Collab With Paul McCartney

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Damon Albarn and his animated band, Gorillaz, could arguably be the music word’s MVPs of 2020. Having just released most star-studded album of the year with Song Machine, Season 1: Strange Timez, it seems crazy to think that Albarn and friends have even more new material itching to see the the light of day, but a recent interview with the Gorillaz frontman already has on the edge of our seat.

In a recent interview on Dutch platform KINK, Damon spoke about a recording he has with none other the legendary Paul McCartney of The Beatles. He mentioned with a bit more work it could make its way onto a future Gorillaz album saying:

“I have a recording of Paul and myself that I could use for a Gorillaz track. It could easily fit on a Gorillaz album… It’s a very simple, basic recording but I would never release it without talking to him first.”

Judging by the content of Song Machine Season 1, this potential collab could be an absolute thing of beauty. Albarn’s uncanny ability to musically match up with seemingly everyone under the sun is incredible and we’re just happy to be here for it.