ilo ilo Drop Charming Indie Electronic Remix Of Absofacto’s “Dissolve”

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ilo ilo are already back for more! The mysterious artist project has been a favorite of ours since they first started sending us their music on USBs. They’ve consistently impressed us with each of their releases and just dropped off a new original track “what u need” just a couple weeks back.

Now they’ve shared a fire new remix of Absofacto’s hit “Dissolve” and it’s sounding next level. They maintained the original’s smooth, catchy vocals while restructuring the production from the ground up. As with many of ilo ilo’s songs, this latest remix captures a carefree, summertime vibe. There’s a gritty bassline that’s complimented by various samples, shuffling percussion and bright melodies all coming together to give Absofacto’s vocals a nice facelift. Definitely keep an eye on ilo ilo and enjoy!

Absofacto – Dissolve (ilo ilo remix)