INTERVIEW | Fakear Talks New Album, Self Confidence As An Artist, & More

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Few artists have captured our attention like Fakear. His unique sound music is nothing short of a sonic dream. Recently, the French phenom released his beautiful new album, Everything Will Grow Again, and it is packed head to toe with bouncing bass lines, effervescent synths, and free-flowing eastern themes.

We’ve gotten a glimpse of the album previously, with the mystical “Carrie” and the cosmic “Tadlo” giving us tasty samples to tide us over till the rest of the album released. Now, the project is out in full, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you are seriously missing out. With eleven tracks of bliss including the driving energetic “Sekoia,” the enchantingly wavy “Rituals,” and the native groover “Tokai,” this new project offers such a complete and fulfilling listening experience.

We were able to catch up with Fakear and have a conversation about the release, and what else is going on in his life currently. Check out our interview with Fakear below, as well as the stream for his new album. Enjoy!

Fakear – Everything Will Grow Again

Current favorite artists: Tsha, Phoebe Bridgers, Floating Points, Jon Hopkins, Vulfpeck
Most recent Google searchThe game guide of Zelda : A Link to the Past
Favorite quarantine pastimePlaying old Zelda games
Favorite post-set snackCigarettes

First off, congratulations on the release of your third album! How have your tastes and approach evolved since you released your first?

So many things have changed and evolved. My tastes are quite similar to the ones I had in the beginning, but the approach is different. I studied a lot, learned how to play the piano, how to use synths and machines… and I’m way more confident than before. That confidence allows me to take more risks, and to be honest with what I want to make.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to yourself in 2016 (when you released Animal)?

Trust your guts! But you can’t be confident enough when you’re 22. That’s natural. I think the labels sign artists very early because of that. Because they are more easily influenced than at 30.

What’s the best way to listen to Everything Will Grow Again?

I don’t know. I guess it’s a kind of road trip music, because I’m listening to music a lot when I’m traveling. I guess it’s still good when you’re camping in the wild with some friends around a campfire… Or in a club around 2am.

What does that title mean to you?

It’s a painting I saw in Portland, OR. I saw it and knew right away that’ll be my album title. To me, it’s an ecologic statement which says “whatever we do, the worst thing that could happen is the end of humanity. The planet will recover, we mean close to nothing to it. It recovered from dinosaurs, and they lived way longer than us. It recovered from a freaking meteorite. That’s not a reason to stop our efforts, at the contrary we have to save our skins, but the planet should be fine anyway.”

What’s the first thing that you’re going to do once the album officially drops? 

Party! I’m not very fond of numbers and streams and all that, but I like to celebrate with some close friends.

Based on your Remedy playlist, you listen to a lot of house/techno. What’s your favorite thing about that style of music? 

The energy. It’s a very basic answer, but still, I think it’s the very magic of techno. You can beat a 130bpm kick [for] 7 minutes, it takes you to another level of consciousness. It’s hypnotic.

If you could play a set anywhere in the world with no restriction, where would it be?

I guess in some dark basement with a bunch of people and good beers. Or on the top of a mountain with some birds and goats. I like extremes.

Someone passes you the aux at a house party. It’s 2:00am and things are starting to die down. What do you play?

Some old funk bangers. Or Vulfpeck. Feel good music. I’m not fan of the 3am dying down party dark techno set, it really feels weird and somewhat unhealthy. Something uplifting!