Ja Rule Announces FYRE Festival 2.0 Alongside Mark Cuban


This is absurd… After everything that happened last time Ja Rule is back for another edition of FYRE Festival.

Back in mid February, Ja Rule made heads turn when he blurted out he has “plans to create the iconic music fest, but you didn’t hear it from me” to a TMZ rep. This happened in the midst of the FYRE Festival documentaries fully exposing how much of a failure the first attempt at FYRE truly was.

Ja Rule did make a promise to come back with the “most iconic festival”, and it seems he stayed true to his word. Now we have some more info on this incredible endeavor… Ja Rule just announced FYRE Festival 2.0 is returning this upcoming Labor Day Weekend. Not only is the festival returning, but instead of working alongside the incarcerated Billy McFarland this time, he’s linked up with none other than Mark Cuban.

“We had the right idea last time, but we just didn’t have the right team. All of our ideas were money. Now with Mark Cuban on board anything is possible. This isn’t going to just be the best festival this year. It’s going to be the best festival ever. Mark and I are hiring on the best of the best. We’re working with a company that puts on some of the biggest and best festivals out there to create the one-of-a-kind experience we wanted from the beginning.” – Ja Rule via press release

It’s unclear who they’re talking about bringing on board but companies like Goldenvoice and Superfly successfully putting on festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo every year seem like frontrunners along with CID, who organize the Mexico festivals like ODESZA’s Sundara, Bassnectar’s Deja Vroom and Phish’s festivals.

Cuban has made his investments in small companies famous through his ABC TV show Shark Tank, so the move isn’t entirely out of his realm but still comes as a surprise that he would affiliate himself with the FYRE brand.

There’s little info at this point, but according to a press release, FYRE 2.0 will take place Aug. 30- Sep. 1 on a private island in the Bahamas that was actually once owned by Nick Cage.

Ja Rule continues to be a legend with this one. Persistence is key, and sometimes if you fail miserably you need to forget just how badly you dropped the ball and go for it again. That’s exactly what Ja Rule is up to now. Stay tuned for more info and enjoy!