jackLNDN Reveals Deeply Personal, Dancefloor Driven Album ‘Patterns’

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London-born, Colorado-based house producer, jackLNDN, has been releasing music for nearly a decade now. Having toured all around the world and appearing on some of the most legendary festival lineups around, he’s proven to be one of the most resilient and hard-working producers in the game. We were fortunate enough to premiere his progressive house single a few months back and today he’s marking his return with the release of his newest album, Patterns, out now via his own imprint, Jack’s House.

A deeply personal album, Patterns expresses a vast array of emotions: from personal struggle to foot-tapping delight. Jazzy chords set a skip and a jump to the beat, while an unrelenting bass rhythm insinuates a deeper, more meaningful undertone. Throughout the album, we’re treated to a variety of vocal-driven, melodic-forward productions that ride a beautiful line between introspective dance grooves and mysterious underground cuts.

Here’s what jackLNDN had to say about his album:

“I wanted to accurately reflect my experiences over the last three years, meaning there’s a darker, more urgent energy driving this album. Emotions ranging from all out chaos, to pure joy, self-destruction, love, depression & hope. ‘Patterns’ takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of what has been a crazy time for us all. I’ve evolved as an instrumentalist which has informed the way I approach writing; recording more live piano, bass, organ, guitar, percussion & vocals on this album than ever before. It’s my homage to house music, returning to the roots of why I love this sound. Plenty of 808s, 909s, pitched chords, snare-rolls & general baseline grooviness. This is without doubt the most dancefloor driven record I’ve ever made.”

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

jackLNDN – Patterns