Jai Wolf Stuns On Vibrant, Cinematic Debut Album ‘The Cure To Loneliness’ + Interview

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Jai Wolf has come quite a long way over the last few years. From humble beginnings remixing Skrillex & ODESZA to massive singles propelling his fanbase by the millions, in 2019 we’ve found the NYC-based artists at a major new milestone in his career. Having slowly evolved his sound over the past two years, today Jail Wolf has shared his highly-anticipated debut album, The Cure To Loneliness. We had a chance to catch up with him so be sure to check out our interview below where he sheds light on his journey creating this amazing debut album.

From the very beginning, its apparent that this latest offering embodies the full expression of Jai’s production prowess. Although included on this new album are Jai’s recent released singles “Lose My Mind”, “Telepathy”, “Your Way”, “This Song Reminds Me Of You” and  “Better Apart”, with seven fresh new tracks and numerous stunning music videos to round out the project, in its entirety The Cure To Loneliness carries with it a sense of completion – as if to bring closure to the bright, dynamic, cinematic story Jai has spent so many years telling.

“In my heart, this album is me. From the sounds to the lyrics, it’s everything that I’ve always wanted to do.” – Jai Wolf

As of late it’s become somewhat of a rarity to find true passion projects in electronic music – and even more extraordinary to find one as well rounded and beautifully crafted as this debut album from Jai Wolf. Having started out simply making beats, flips and remixes in his bedroom, it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Sajeeb Saha confidently come into his own as Jai Wolf over the course of his rise to prominence. As Jai has surely reached a new height with this latest endeavor, while we’re ecstatic to revel with him in this moment of catharsis, we have no doubts that he will only continue to grow, innovate and defy our expectations time and time again. Stream The Cure To Loneliness and check out our exclusive interview with Jai Wolf below. Enjoy!

Jai Wolf – The Cure To Loneliness

Congrats on the new album! First off, what does The Cure To Loneliness mean to you?

Thanks! I’m sure each person has their own cure or remedy but I think for myself (and for many others) the one thing that can consistently be there for me is music.

There seems to be a clear development in your sound since the last we’ve heard from you. What made you decide to travel in this new musical direction?

I think so. I focused a lot more on choosing sounds that I felt have stood the test of time – be it a specific guitar tone or using analog synths. I think the direction I went is just a testament to how closely I leaned into my favorite bands and artists that have shaped me throughout the years.

There’s a lot of interesting instrumentation on this album, did you perform these parts yourself or did those come as collaborations?

The use of real instruments was definitely a collaborative process – I’m not the best guitarist in the world, however, I did provide a lot of direction to anyone playing the guitar in the room with me. Some parts I wrote myself and had other people perform, other parts came from my personal direction, and then there were sections written by others that I chopped up and sampled!

It seems a lot went into creating the full package for The Cure To Loneliness. From the new music to fantastical videos, what was your favorite part about the creation process?

I definitely have a love for making music videos. I used to come home from school and turn on MTV or FUSE and watch music videos all afternoon. It’s been a dream of mine to create them so for this album I made sure we put in a lot of effort into them! It’s fun to exercise my creativity outside of music, I find it to be such a fun challenge.  

We’re definitely all excited to see what this album will look like live. Can you tell us a bit about what we can expect from the shows on your upcoming tour?

I’m so excited too! I put in a lot of effort into the show from the lights to the visuals and I hope people can see how much effort was put into the world we’ve build. I can’t say much but I’d say expect pretty much only my own music (remixes included) on tour!