Jasper Tygner Creates Mesmerizing Textures on Melodic Track “That’s Too Slow”


If you didn’t take our advice to check out Jasper Tygner the first time we wrote about him a month ago, now is your chance to do so, before he blows up.

In addition to a social media following that includes industry heavyweights like DJ Magazine, Disclosure, and Foreign Family, his recently released EP puts him in a prime position to have a breakout year. His track “That’s Too Slow” perfectly showcases his production skill.

The main beat of the song is a collage of electronic influences. Tygner incorporates elements ranging from electronica to downtempo to future garage. The star of the track is its addictive melody, which weaves through a mesmerizing, washed-out soundscape. This type of richly textured song feels like the soundtrack that plays when the main character in a movie is staring wistfully out the window as they journey somewhere unknown.

You can check out “That’s Too Slow” using the link below, and the rest of the Eyes Open EP can be found on other streaming sites. Enjoy!

Jasper Tygner – That’s Too Slow