Jauz Gets Soulful in Dancey New Track, “Get To Me”


We love the diversity that Jauz brings to his music.  He always keeps listeners on their tows when releasing new tracks.  Is he getting deep with some tech house like his last track, “Movin?” Is he melting faces with some extra heavy bass like “I Dare You?” Its always a welcomed surprise to see where the Daddy Shark goes, and today he went with some soooouuul!

Jauz announced his latest track “Get To Me,” on Instagram today with the caption, “Put my heart and soul into this one and I hope u can feel it.” Don’t worry Jauz, we can definitely feel it.  The vocal track that drives the song from the get go passionately cries out in a velvety heartfelt way over some powerful piano lines. But it wouldn’t be Jauz without a filthy drop!  We build into an earth shattering bass house drop that takes this soulful track and turns it into a dance floor party starter. Jauz is at the top of his game right now and just can’t miss, and I’m loving every second of it. Enjoy!

Jauz – Get To Me