Jimi Somewhere Continues Album Rollout With Emotional New Track “In My Car”


There’s something almost magical about the nostalgic sonic landscapes Jimi Somewhere so effortlessly creates with every release. As the young talent has continued to deliver us some of the most passionate left-field bops in recent history, he’s now continued his hot streak with a new track “In My Car.”

Following his most recent singles “Bottle Rocket” and “Jesus“, Jimi Somewhere has set us up to expect great things from his forthcoming new album. With this latest offering Jimi has weaved his dynamic voice into a melding of shrill, warbling synths, crisp, non-traditional percussion and mind-bending vocal augmentation.

We have yet to hear a JS song we didn’t like, but “In My Car” may truly be one of our favorites yet. Stream it below and enjoy!

Jimi Somewhere – In My Car