Little Dragon Drop New Minimalist Dance Song “Frisco,” Announce New EP

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Swedish band Little Dragon is known for their eccentric dance music and collaborations with some of our favorite artists (most recently on FKJ’s new album). Today they announced a new EP and dropped a new track, “Frisco.”

Little Dragon do a great job of skirting the line between creepy and cool on “Frisco.” The sonic backbone of this song is a dark synth beat. It sounds almost out of tune with the rest of the track, which adds a cool dissonance. However, this actually elevates the track by establishing a slightly ominous mood. As we progress through the track, the tone eventually lightens, like a flower bud unfurling into full bloom. This matches the theme of “Frisco” perfectly, which Little Dragon explains as being about “renewal, letting out your full potential and moving with the wave of change and life.”

Alongside the release of “Frisco” comes the announcement of their upcoming EP. Opening The Door, coming out via Ninja Tune, drops on September 16. In addition to “Frisco,” this EP also includes collaborations with JID and Swedish musician Stefan Sandberg. Until then, you can check out “Frisco” below. Enjoy!

Little Dragon – Frisco