Logic Announces New Album ‘Bobby Tarantino III’ Dropping This Week


With Logic releasing a new single virtually every week for the past month, we knew there had to be something big in the pipeline. On Monday, Logic confirmed that he is indeed sitting on a full body of work. The veteran rapper has officially announced that Bobby Tarantino III will be dropping this Friday, July 30.

This album announcement follows a string of very solid releases as of recent, including “My Way,” “Get Up,” and “Vaccine.” BT3 could also include “Intro,” a short track he before the aforementioned singles. There’s no tracklist available yet, but we’ll be feasting on the new Logic album soon enough.

Check out the official announcement below.

Bobby Tarantino III out everywhere Friday.

Art by @SamSpratt pic.twitter.com/GAFJQuy0f4

— BobbyBullet (@Logic301) July 26, 2021