Logic Officially Announces Return from Retirement, New Music Dropping Friday


There was no physical way that Logic was ever going to stay away from hip-hop. This man was born to rap. This morning, he officially announced that he’s coming out of retirement, and that we can expect new music from him as soon as tomorrow, June 18.

With Logic now back in the rap game, his retirement lasted less than a year. Although, some could argue that he never really retired, given that he dropped a mixtape under the alias Doc D earlier this year. We, however, have no qualms with Logic’s antics, as we’re just grateful that we’ll continue to get new music from the rapper in the very near future.

You can check out Logic’s full “statement” below.

Friday. pic.twitter.com/FqCcYTLWRh

— BobbyBullet (@Logic301) June 17, 2021